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This teaching is soul transforming! We really don't know who we are in Christ until the layers of religion, doctrine and false teaching are peeled away. This course takes you to the heart of the matter, to see the reality and simplicity of God's truth. Living the life becomes something you want and no longer fear. Getting to know Father God through Christ becomes exciting, leaving you with an appetite for more. More of His love, more of our inheritance, more of His truth, and just quite frankly more of Him. The funny thing is we've only just eaten a portion, there's more to come, but this course makes for a great starter. Make a reservation now, an experience not to be missed!   Joanne


Prior to doing the walking in oneness course I felt I was just following religious rules and performing duties. Having completed the course I no longer feel and act powerless. I am liberated and empowered. I know what to do and how to do it. I know where to go for strategies. I am loving my developing relationship with God. There is so much more to being a Christian.  Erlinda


It has been a blessing to be challenged weekly to reign with the Lord from the heavenlies. I always knew the scripture that we are seated in the heavenlies, but now I feel it more and know more what that means. I am so thankful to be reigning as a king under the King of kings and so thankful to know Him better. This was the first time ever I was introduced to taking matters to Heaven's Courts for resolution and this was a real blessing in my life. This seems like a logical sequence to prayer and the more I learn about it, the more sense it makes. Christine is a true Berean, digging and studying until she has immense understanding of a subject, how she interacts with her Papa God! Amazing!  Gail


I have been blessed throughout this series of teaching by Christine Nelson This is my second webinar class and I must say Christine is an amazing teacher and friend, she's so anointed and gifted as a prophet and so loving and kind. She makes everyone feels very comfortable and safe and at the same time pushing us out of our comfort zone.

She challenges us in engaging with PAPA and seeing ourselves as the Sons of God that we are. I have learnt how to enter the courts of God and also entering my garden. These series has brought me so closer to PAPA, and how to encounter with angels and know exactly why they have been sent. I do believe if you should take part in these series you will become a changed person.

Thanks Christine and continue to allow PAPA to use you xx.   Alison


Christine Nelson's class "Epic Supernatural" is for Such A Time As This. Her teaching and coaching in this clas will ignite a spiritual growth and hunger within you that keeps you longing to sit at Abba's feet, hungering for more of Him!!  Karen


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EPIC SUPERNATURAL was an enlightening course that not only taught key biblical principles that I  had not fully implimented as a child of God but also included an activation in every lesson into the supernatural realm.
This allowed an ability to experience the truth about the fact that we are supernatural beings with the mandate of bringing heaven down to earth because we carry Jesus in us. I personally had several supernatural encounters during the course and gained many insights from the other students on the course.Christine is an honest, transparent seasoned and relatable prophetic teacher who selflessly imparts what has been deposited in her. A MUST ATTEND for anyone who is tired o the status quo, is chasing God and wants more of Jesus Christ to dwell in them!  Tendayi
The walking in oneness series has brought me into such a heightened awareness of who I am in Christ. It has opened my eyes to what is truly is to be a son of God. From a personal perspective it has also transformed my focus from sin consciousness to being dead to sin and yearning for more intimacy. It has literally changed my life
The walking in oneness series was life changing for me. Christine Nelson taught us about our identity in Christ and this has totally been life transforming . Having been brought up in religious doctrine, my faith in the Lord was dormant and I did not see any changes in my walk of faith, but with the teachings received from Christine my life will never be the same again.  I did The Epic Supernatural and grew so much in my intimacy with God and engaging His Kingdom. Learnt that God wants me to take back my inheritanceCarol

Thank you for teaching me the Epic supernatural series. Wow! It was amazing and enlightening. It gave me a deeper understanding of the bible and supernatural. I thank God that I am now more aware of my identity as a spirit and as a daughter. This series made me aware of spiritual things I wasn't aware of like the 'court system' of heaven. I wish everyone could become aware of all these truths.  Miranda


I’ve just completed the 8 week webinar course on “Being the Supernatural being you are”. I must admit that it took me right out of my comfort zone and opened out in a clear, simple and understandable way the Kingdom of Heaven, the Father and the Supernatural world and beings. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed the learning process and every single topic from the beginning to the end was a real eye opener for me. It really is true that lack of knowledge is a killer. The word of God is full of all the information we need to know that we are supernatural beings and we operate from a higher realm with the help of angelic beings. We are kings and we have the power to decree and declare. I have been empowered and the eyes of my heart have been opened. My spirit has been encouraged and I can now perceive things in the spirit.

I enjoyed the activations that we do in every session. Initially these used to send me into a panic and I would be terrified that I would not be able to participate. But now I don’t fear them, I have learnt to be still and just to allow God to download visions, pictures and anything else that He needs to. I used to fear that I would get nothing at all. I have grown beyond what I could have imagined. I have experienced emotional healing and deliverance. I have grown in confidence in the things of the spirit. I can speak confidently and take normally about going to heaven, going to the courts and going into the Heavenly library to look into my Scroll. 

If you want to live your life according to the original being you were created to be then you need to get onto this course. Your purpose and mandate will become clear as you get the truth of who you truly are. I can confidently ask for gifts from my Father and He answers, because I know how to ask. 

It’s just been awesome! Voni


The teaching imparted today from the ONE DAY WEBINAR INTENSIVE  by God's servant, Christine Nelson, was awesome as we were given information to empower our spirit to partner with the Father's and to minimize the body and soul component so the spirit can take its place of authority enabling us to be Co heirs with much to chew on,mutter, meditate thankful to have been a part of it! Patricia 
ONE DAY WEBINAR INTENSIVE... Amazing, amazing, amazing!! I cannot say enough about this webinar!! Such a blessing and a gift. Christine teaches from the place of UNION with our Lord!! I encourage all to consider participating in her next webinar!! Blessings Flow!!!  Karen

My inner man has been truly awakened. Trish


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