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EPIC Supernatural Series - Bookings

Unit 1 – Programme Fees

This includes 1-hour training in; Building Intimacy, Power of His imagination, Prophetic Evangelism and Wholeness (a total of 4 hours). Times will be confirmed once payment is received.

Unit 2 – Programme Fees

This includes 1 hour training in; Partnering with angels, Dream Interpretation, Ascension and Protocols of Heaven’s Courts (a total of 4 hours). Unit 1 must be completed before completing Unit 2. Times will be confirmed once payment is received..

Whole Day training / conferences must be previously agreed. Please contact us to organise a training day on


Please note all payments are geared to fun raise for the upkeep of this ministry and to bless our volunteer teachers. If you want to be trained and you are struggling with payment contact us.God bless you.


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